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RUSSIAN 160m DX Contest - RU3AX Memorial RULES' 2023

Dear friends! We are happy to invite you for participation in Russian 160 m DX Contest (RU3AX memorial) which will be held on December 15 from 17.00 to 20.59 UTC, 2023.
Some important changes have been introduced into the rules of the contest:

1. QSO points will be scored in proportion to the distance between the stations which is of crucial importance for contacts made on the Topband.
To provide this the exchange numbers now will include the first 4 characters of the QTH-locator. In the opinion of the contest committee this is the fairest way of scoring the QSO points to satisfy all the participants.
2. The participants will compete in 4 different groups according to their location including a separate group for the participants from Asia (outside of Russia) and Oceania.
3. The contest will be divided into two tours each lasting two hours which will provide more dynamism to the operation. Within each of the two hour tours the participants will have time to operate in both CQ and S&P modes.
4. Our new contest director now is Andrey Kazantsev, UB7K.
For now you still have some time before the contest to check your RX and TX antennas while the sponsors are getting ready with the awards. You should remember that for many 160 meter band enthusiasts from ex. USSR countries it was one of the first contests , to bring up several generations of topbanders.

We are waiting for you at 17.00 Z on December 15, 2023.
We are sure you`ll have lots of fun! We invite all of you to take part in the contest and to remember our good friend Boris Grigorievich Stepanov to honor his memory.

Boris, RU3AX
One of the most famous and respected radio amateurs in ex USSR, Russia and Hamradio World.

RUSSIAN 160m DX Contest - RU3AX Memorial RULES'23
Russian 160m DX Contest - RU3AX Memorial is sponsored by the "Radio"
Magazine, TopBand DX Club, and Russian Contest Club.
1. Contest Times, Bands and Modes
RUSSIAN 160 METER DX CONTEST takes place from
17.00 UTC to 20.59 UTC, December 15th, 2023
on 1.8 MHz amateur band ONLY/
Modes: CW and SSB.

The Contest is held in two rounds:
The 1st round from 17:00 to 18:59 UTC
The 2nd round from 19:00 to 20:59 UTC
2. Entry Categories:
• Single Operator - MIX (CW & SSB) – High Power
• Single Operator - MIX (CW & SSB) – Low Power
• Single Operator - CW – High Power
• Single Operator - CW – Low Power
• Single Operator - SSB – High Power
• Single Operator - SSB – Low Power
• Multi Opetator single TX – MIX (CW & SSB)
2.1 Results are scored separately by locations, as follows:
- European Russia (EU RUS)
- Asian Russia (AS RUS)
- Rest of the WORLD (WORLD)
3. General Terms
3.1 TXs and RXs shall be located within a circle area of 500 m in diameter.
All antennas shall be physically connected to TXs/RXs in use by entrant(s).
3.1.1 It is allowed to use only open DX announcement networks in the
3.1.2 Use of any IP networks for remote reception and/or transmission,
including WEB stations, is prohibited.
3.2 There are no mode change limits. Only one transmitted signal is
allowed at any given time of the contest.
3.3 All MIX category entrants are allowed to contact one and the same
station both in CW and SSB, and in both rounds as well. Thus, it is possible
to make total 4 QSOs with the same station, - CW+SSB in each round.
3.4 Self-spotting is allowed in SSB for self-identification.

4. Contest Exchange
All participants send RS(T) + Four character grid square (QTH locator)
Example: 599 KO85

5. Scoring
5.1 QSO points depend on the distance between participants, which is
defined as the distance between the centers of their grid squares (QTH
locators). Minimum number of QSO points is 1. Thereafter, one point is
added for each 500 km.
For example: QSO at distance up to 500 km is 1 point, from 500 to 1000
km - 2 points, from 1000 to 1500 km – 3 points, from 1500 to 2000 km – 4
points, etc.
5.2 SSB points are multiplied by factor 2.

6. Dupes
6.1 Dupes are QSOs made in the same mode and in the same round. They
are scored 0 points, if the first QSO between these stations was already
counted. If the first contact was not counted, the dupe QSO will be counted
6.2. Dupes are not penalized; there is no need to mark them somehow.
Participants are strongly recommended not to delete dupes from the log.
6.3. Again, dupe QSOs in different rounds and different modes are allowed.

7. Multipliers
7.1 Multiplier is number of territories (DXCC + WAE) plus Russian Oblasts
number. Separate Russian Oblasts are Franz Joseph (R1FJ) and Russian
stations in Antarctica (R1AN).
7.2 Kaliningrad stations (UA2F) count two mults, - as DXCC and Oblast.
7.3 Mults are counted separately for CW и SSB, and then summarized.
7.4 One multiplier counts only once, regardless of rounds.

8. Final Score
Final score is product of summary points by total multiplier.

9. General Log Requirements
9.1 Logs shall be in Cabrillo format only.
9.2 Log file shall be named as YOURCALL.log or YOURCALL.cbr.
Example: UA4AA.log.
9.3 Log shall uploaded at, or it shall
be sent as attachment to
9.4 Subject line shall be your call.
9.5 Time shall be in UTC.
9.6 Both Contest exchanges are mandatory in the log.
9.7 All participants shall indicate QTH Locator in GRID-LOCATOR line (6
9.7 Log headlines shall indicate your entry category and complete post
address to mail awards and trophies.

10. Logs Deadline
10.1 Logs shall be sent within 15 days after the Contest completion (till
December 30, 2023, inclusive).
11. Awards and Trophies
11.1 Special trophies are sponsored for all categories top winners (provided
there is any for an entry category). 2nd and 3rd place winners can download
their memorable certificates from Contest web site.
11.2 All participants (excluding CHECKLOG) are awarded with electronic
memorable certificates provided that they made and confirmed at least 50
QSOs. Certificates are available to download from Contest web site.

12. Information support and judging
12.1 Answers to any questions regarding the “Russian 160 meter DX
Contest” can be obtained by e-mail:
12.2 The Сontest scoring is completely software based. Participants shall
comply with the letter and spirit of these Rules. Violations of the Rules or
unethical and unsportsmanlike behavior may result in Check Log or
disqualification at the discretion of the Judging Committee.

12.3 Penalties
Penalties are scored as x2 QSO point value. Penalty for a QSO are
scored for:
- incorrect logged call;
- incorrect logged exchange.
QSO is not counted, and no penalty is applied for:
- time discrepancy (excluding systematic) exceeds 3 minutes;
- mode discrepancy (excluding systematic);
A participant is moved to the Check Log in case his result after logs check
is 75% less compared with the applied result.

12.4 Decisions of Contest Committee are final.
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